Shipping Services


Since 1952, Auto Driveaway has been providing vehicle shipping services for thousands of customers each year. We have a network of offices nationwide that offer prompt, door-to-door dependable vehicle delivery services at an affordable price. We are proud to be the industry's largest vehicle shipping provider in the country.

Using Auto Driveaway's vehicle shipping services gives you four distinct advantages:

1. Drivers and owners conduct pre-trip vehicle condition reports.

2. No deposit required.

3. Insurance coverage varies with each service, please contact your local office to get specific details.

4. Auto Driveaway transports passenger vehicles, trucks, vans, RV™s and other vehicle types.




  1. Truckaway
  2. Expedited
  3. Standard Shipping

Truckaway service is provided by brokering the move of a vehicle to a qualified and approved Motor Carrier.

It does not guarantee a delivery date. This service, however, is useful on vehicles which may not run well enough for long distance travel or for shippers who do not want mileage on the vehicle or an unknown driver in the vehicle.

Expedite service is provided when a shipper requests pickup and/or delivery upon a certain date. In this service, we provide a professional driver so that the vehicle will move within 48 hours of the order being booked.

This service is available for vehicles of all sizes and weights and without limit to mileage. DOT/CDL drivers are required for vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs.

All shipments involving trailers, with or without boats, campers, etc. can be transported in Expedite service. All Towaway or combination shipments are transported in Expedite service.

This service is available for vehicles up to 9,999 GVWR and for shipments of distances greater than 200 miles.

We transport the vehicle through the use of a qualified Standard Driver, who, for personal reasons, has occasion to go to the same destination as the vehicle.

The Standard Driver drives the shippers vehicle under its own power as a means of inexpensive transportation. This is the most economical method of transportation we offer.



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