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Auto Driveaway delivers cars faster, safer and more economically than our competitors. We provide a larger network and more full-service offices than the competition. In 2008 we became a franchised based organization with 40 offices. The owners of our franchises have a unique vested interest not only in their individual office but in the success of the entire company. In order to assist in their success, the corporate office provides leadership and structure, and
 also provides tools for compliance and benchmarking, to measure performance at the office and driver level. 
We want to be the best-in-class service provider for the vehicle relocation industry. Auto Driveaway provides a centralized point of contact as well as a user-friendly system which allows customers to obtain quotes and track the status of moves online in real-time. If the customer wants the ability to process the entire transaction without ever picking up the phone, we can provide that as well. 

Our fleet management solutions include:
  • Secured Log-in to your corporate account
  • Online Quoting Capabilities
  • Enter your orders online
  • Check your vehicle shipping status 24/7
Our pricing is competitive due to the multiple moves involved and the fact that we are the largest provider of vehicle relocation services in the industry with 40 offices nationwide. We work with many of the leasing companies serving large fleets and are providing exclusive value added services and incentive plans.
Our delivery times average 4 days from order placement. Using Auto Driveaway gives you distinct advantages:
·         Volume Pricing and Rebate Plans
·         The fastest, safest, and most economical relocation service available.
·         New truckaway network utilizing lowboy, flatbed and RGN carriers.
·         Largest combined network of drivers and trucking options in the industry.
·         AD Notifications
Auto Driveaway Customer Module
The NEW Auto Driveaway Customer Module allows you to place relocation orders, get quotes, track status, view electronic vehicle condition reports and digital images of vehicles, as well as produce reports from the initial pick-up anywhere in the continental United States to final delivery at your customer’s location. All of these features are offered through the convenience of our customizable web interface.
. Please call Grant Waddell 1-800-346-2277  for more information!




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